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some useful commands for new debian users

To check your own pc ip address write:


To remove a user and their home directory, use:

sudo deluser -remove-home <user-name>

To remove all of their files on the server:

sudo deluser -remove-all-files <user-name>


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How to create a new user for using squirrelmail in debian

This post assume that your SMTP configuration is OK.

At first go to the terminal and enter as root.

for root access type: su

then it will ask for your root password. Write it and enter as a root.

Now create an user writing :

adduser username

then it will ask for some information like Full name, Room No, Phone No etc. Give these information and press y when it ask for correctness of information recently given.

then write the following command:

maildirmake.courier /home/username/Maildir/

chown -R username:usergroup /home/username/Maildir/

chmod -R 755 /home/username/Maildir/

then go to the browser and visit localhost/squirrelmail.

enjoy it.

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